A riot of my own

Marcel Herms

My work is about freedom in the first place. There’s a strong link with music. Just like music, my art is about autonomy, licentiousness, passion, color, and rhythm.

I use everything I can get my hands on: acrylic paint, oil paint, ink, pencils, crayons, spraycans, etc. Sometimes I mix the paint with sand, sawdust, or pieces of paper. I paint on canvas and paper and sometimes other materials, like wood.

I work in different sizes: from very small to real big and I don’t limit myself to one medium. I draw, I paint, I make 3-dimensional objects and artist books (and audio art).

I collaborated with many different, authors, poets, visual artists, and audio artists from around the world. My work was published by (ao): Alien Buddha Press, Marathon Books, Holy & Intoxicated Publications, Rhovum Press, Rust Belt Press, Cajun Mutt Press, petrichor uitgeverij, Whiskey City Press, Pski’s Porch Publishing, Stik Magazine, Knust Press,  Poetic Justice Books and Arts, Outsider Art Magazine, Proper Gander, Bananafish, Gonzo Circus, Rogue Wolf Press, Egalitarian Publishing Ltd, Inspired.