Pete Donohue

ireland born and london raised pete donohue works in community mental health in amazing hastings on the dirty south coast of a proudly multi-cultural england and preserves his dubious sanity through creative writing, drawing, editing, reviewing and performing poetry and music. he is literature editor of the free volunteer-run community newspaper [URL=''][U][/U][/URL] his poems and short stories have been published by numerous underground and alternative small presses in the uk and usa. previous chapbooks are [I]poems for tommy two-guns [/I]analog submission press 2018 (two editions – sold out), [I]scream before they kill your poetry [/I]holy&intoxicated press 2018 (sold out) and [I]poetry is feathers[/I] analog submission press 2019. [I]swallowing paregoric babies[/I], his first full collection of poetry, is out on Uncollected Press (August 2020). he is currently working on a book of his short stories. twitter: @petedonohuepoet instagram: petedonohuepoet facebook: pete donohue


they mess with your head she said these tiny little fruit flies i couldn’t argue we were well into the second bottle of good red & the bastards wouldn’t let...