Wim Coleman

Wim Coleman is a playwright, poet, novelist, and nonfiction writer. His poetry has been published in [I] SOL: English Writing in Mexico, The Opiate, Dissenting Voice, Tuck Magazine, Vita Brevis, The Esthetic Apostle, Dream Noir, Visitant, The Thieving Magpie, Levee Magazine, [/I]and other publications. His book of poetry [I]I.O.U. [/I]will be published this year by Adelaide Books. His play [I]The Shackles of Liberty[/I] was the winner of the 2016 Southern Playwrights Competition. Novels that he has co-authored with his wife, Pat Perrin, include [I]Anna’s World[/I], the Silver Medalist in the 2008 Moonbeam Awards, and [I]The Jamais Vu Papers[/I], a 2011 finalist for the Eric Hoffer/Montaigne Medal. Wim and Pat lived for fourteen years in Mexico, where they adopted their daughter, Monserrat, and created and administered a scholarship program for at-risk students. Wim and Pat now live in Carrboro, North Carolina. They are members of PEN International. Blog: playsonideas.com.

Ghost Light

This is no ordinary dark. In my day it took heavy machinery to drill through it: ellipsoidal spotlights when Fresnel bits broke, and mixing-bowl-shaped reflector floods— scoops, so-called— to shovel out the dark and...